Nike Shoe Order

CLOSED - This program is an opportunity for you to purchase Nike basketball shoes and Elite socks at a discount. The program has been very popular so we continue to offer it. We encourage you to be fitted for the right size at a local retailer in advance of the meeting, as returns can cause an unwanted delay for you and your son. A sample of each style will be available at the parent meeting, but not in each size. Please know that purchase of these shoes is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and not a mandatory requirement. If you have any questions, please email Jason Hellman and title the subject as "Shoe Question."

We are no longer accepting shoe orders.


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About the Program

The Warrior Boys Basketball Club features solid fundamental coaching to develop your basketball skills in a team oriented environment.  It focuses on the development and building of self-confidence.

Executive Director:  Brian Nemecek—Westside HS Head Coach

Program Director:  Tom Thompson WHS '83

Participation Fee:

5th & 6th grade $350 7th & 8th grade $400

Fee includes:

  • Uniform Use
  • League Fees
  • Tournament Fees
  • Gym Time
  • Equipment
  • Coaching

Included for 7th and 8th grade players and kept by players:

  • Warm Up Shooting Shirt (8th grade)
  • Personalized Warrior Boys Basketball Player Bag (7th grade)

$75 Deposit due upon selection to the team (due May 1st)

Total due Oct. 1, 2014


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Lawler Sporting Goods
Sports Authority

Our Mission

To teach Westside District 66 boys the fundamentals of basketball within a team-oriented system designed to increase their self-confidence. This program will promote a positive, fearless attitude through discipline and hard work while preparing then to compete to the best of their ability.  The short-term objectives for each player is to make learning the game of basketball enjoyable, motivating and rewarding.  The long-term objective is to best prepare each player with the opportunity to compete at the high school level of Westside High School.

Player and Parent Code of Conduct

Please read, sign and return at the Parent Meeting, Monday Septermber 17th.

Code of Conduct

Player Statement of Intent

Please read, sign and return at the Parent Meeting, Monday Septermber 17th.  If you have further questions or concerns about this form, please speak with your coach directly.

Statement of Intent